We are

Welcome to Korea Messe, Global Exhibition Convention Group. Feel free to contact me if you need any help. okt@tradeworld.co.kr

Who we are?

We call TRADEWORLD's overseas exhibition division as KOREAMESSE.

We, Korea Messe, are specialized in overseas exhibition and convention business, serving as Korea representative of more than 50 world-famous exhibitions in the foreign countries such as USA, China and Japan. As a space design specializing company, we are engaging in exhibition booth and interior installation by obtaining the license of overseas construction business from the Korean Government.

What we do.

디자인 아이콘

Design Development Division

responds to users. Implement an interactive design that analyzes the user's environment, pattern, and recognizes the brand in expected movements. We design it so that users can experience convenience and service through design.

영상 아이콘

Video Business Department

In the ever-changing world of media, marketing and content delivery in a simple, easy-to-use approach cannot remain a memory for users. Avoid one-way channels that can't communicate with users, hard writing and photos that can't be fun at all.

웹 아이콘

Web Development Division

If you've successfully come up with a service that users will like, it's time to think about the user experience (UX) and the screen (UI) that users can easily and use. It's a fun service, but if it's inconvenient to use, the user will find other services that are more comfortable and fun.